Message From CEO

Forest Mall develops State of the Art Neighborhood Centers based on latest trends in United States. We utilize latest technology, analytics, and Intelligence to make our project successful. We have developed 17 centers to date. Inspiration to start Forestmall came from quality of life I experienced during my time in Unites States when I was young. After graduating from a four-year university in Japan, I decided to live in the USA for 4 years to acquire MBA at University of California, Irvine. City of Irvine was considered a super luxury town, and everything was just immaculately maintained like wide roads with several lanes, the generously sized green belts and pavement, and the beautiful landscaping. What really caught my eye was that Shopping Centers were designed to offer convenience and comfort to the visitors, and that resulted in high traffic for tenants. My college life in Irvine gave me the clear image of what I always wanted to do.

After that I returned to Japan and I got a job at a retail company. I started noticing the difference in the quality of living as well as retail industry between United States and Japan. I saw a gap between the quality of construction in USA and Japan.

I decided to lay a foundation of a company that would build Shopping Centers of highest quality. I entered this business being cognizant of problems that existed in living environment of Japan especially in suburban areas. I knew I won’t be able to suddenly change the living environment throughout Japan. However, By developing quality shopping centers one by one, protecting and nurturing; one can incrementally contribute to the quality of life in Japan.

Today, my business addresses the needs I discovered during my time in the United States. These needs include challenges such as building centers where residents of local communities’ love to visit and spend time with family, friends and loved ones, and building long term relationships based on trust with all vendors involved in development and operation of our centers.
I believe in the vision of Forestmall, I will continue to work on our future projects.