Corporate Philosophy

Our aim is to contribute value for all stakeholders in Forest Mall’s ecosystem including customers, communities, tenants, related companies, and employees.

Contributing to improving people’s daily lives

Neighborhood Shopping Centers play an important role in supporting quality of life in communities and neighborhoods. Forestmall contributes to the daily lives of our customers by developing and managing environment friendly neighborhood shopping centers that provide comfort, convenience, and joyful experience to surrounding neighborhoods and communities.

Contributing to local communities

Forestmall aims to contribute to the development of Cities and Local Communities. We work with the City and Community administration to revitalize local societies by building high quality Neighborhood Centers, which results in creation of employment in construction and retail sector.

Contributing to tenants

Forestmall aims to build Centers where residents of local communities’ love to visit and spend time with family, friends and loved ones. By creating a joyful and convenient experience, we build a conducive environment for our tenants to offer their products and services.

Contributing to related traders

Forestmall aims to build long-term relationships based on trust with all vendors involved in the development and operations of our Neighborhood Centers.

Contributing to employees

Forestmall aims to create new business opportunities and jobs that will contribute to the economy of local communities, and provide rewarding careers to the employees.